How It started


As 2020 was winding down, I wanted to create something that could be both useful and therapeutic. While working on another project, I stumbled upon an old e-stop button. I thought: "Ooh, wouldn't it be great if I could smash this button and end Zoom meetings?"

As with most of my other projects, this just started as a fun side project for myself. I initially started going down a very complicated path using Zoom's web-based API, then considered using their native SDK, until I realized: I could just use keyboard shortcuts!  That is how I settled on the Arduino-friendly ATMEGA32u4 micro-controller.

Next was finding the right button. I typically get very excited with these kinds of projects so I ordered a few different buttons from Amazon, Ali Express and McMaster. I wanted to find the button that felt the most satisfying when pressing it and could withstand a healthy smashing.

I cycled through a couple of buttons while attending Zoom meetings at work. I was slamming buttons to test which one felt the best. My co-workers were getting a kick out of it 😁 

UPDATE: I shipped out the initial pre-ordered batch of 50 buttons 🎉 

The button is meant to be re-programmable via the Arduino IDE so I'm excited about hearing how folks are extending functionality even after it has shipped!